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Biographie English:

Manuel Winkler was first caught up in and carried away by the creative wave of Electronic Dance Music that circumnavigated the globe in the heady mid 90s. Born and raised a Berliner, he was fascinated by milestone Rave Events such as MAYDAY & Co, and he became inspired by a passionate interest for the world of Djing, Its technology and the many associated possibilities to get involved with the music, to make it, to present it, to evolve it and in so doing to contribute to the emotional well being of the ever increasing global audience for EDM.

Immediately he began to experiment at home with Cassette records and CD players, very quickly realizing that he was indeed in his element! Not only was his new found passion a source of pleasure and satisfaction, he also appeared to posses genuine talent. It didn’t take long before the Hobby DJ had amassed an enormous collection of Vinyl 12”s, with which he worked his way into more and more DJ gigs at partys and in smaller clubs. From what was originally a nice way to spend his free time, a real full time job was evolving.

A decade later, in 2007, together with his DJ partner Holger Jenning, he founded the “SUPERSTROBE” project. They set about recording and releasing countless singles and EPs to unabated acclaim, resulting in a flood of remix requests for talented and respected players like Mellefresh & Kaoki (labelmates of Deadmau5), Lazy Rich, Pierre Deutschmann, Miles Dyson, Electrixx, DJ Jordan & Marc Van Linden and many more. All this in combination with their work appearing on highly respected imprints such as EXX Records and Electrogravity, very quickly earned them a place on the international circuit, with gigs in Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Egypt, Ukraine, Slovenia, Switzerland, Poland, France and of course their home base, good old Germany!

After 5 successful years, Holger decided it was time for him to go his own way, and in 2012 he left the SUPERSTROBE project to pursue a solo career. Manuel found himself faced with
maybe the most important decision of his entire artist career. Lay the project to rest and start again from the very beginning on something new? Or see the situation, the changes in his circumstances, as a great chance to remodel and redefine his beloved SUPERSTROBE project? He retreated out of public view, away from his fans and his management, and went into soulsearching mode. Finally, and after some very long weeks for those in waiting, there were signs of life, and Manuel reemerged to announce his decision: All systems down and REBOOT!

Manuel stepped back into the game, to start with in his studio. Through experimentation, playing, creating, mutating and evolving sounds and ideas, and pushing himself beyond all previous creative boundries, after six months he presented the fruits of his labor, and with the album ‘REBOOT’ announced simply and dirtectly that he was indeed back on track, and good to go!

The boss of his new label PRAXXIZ, none other than the founder of the Berlin Love Parade, Dr Motte, was visibly overjoyed with the end result of several months patience and waiting on his part. The new SUPERSTROBE sound is stronger, more energetic and crystal clear to the ear. It takes on board essential elements and influences from all its contemporaries. From Techno, Minimal, Tech-House, Electro and Progressive and fuses them all together in a very NEW sound that stands for stepping forward and originality in its field. The missing link in the evolution of EDM.

SUPERSTROBE releases and tracks have been played and supported by such outstanding international EDM artists such as:

Richie Hawtin, Monika Kruse, Umek, Dr. Motte, Luciano, Ferry Corsten, Da Fresh , D.O.N.S., Phuture Traxx, Thomas Heckmann, Groovepatcher, The Chosen Two, Bukaddor and Fishbeck, Tim Thaler, WTM Paris, Acid Wasched, Andrea Belli, Freshguide DJ’s, Graham Gold and many many more!


Singles, EP’s, Album

Superstrobe – Wild Guitar (Incl. remix by Alex Dior) // IU2U005 [BUY DIGITAL]
Superstrobe & Ill Boy Phil – Once upon a time (Incl. remix by Oliver Deuerling) // IU2U004 [BUY DIGITAL]
Superstrobe – Bass Bomb (Incl. remixes by Ill Boy Phil + Superstrobe Bonus version) // IU2U003[BUY DIGITAL]
Superstrobe – What?! (Incl. remixes by Da Fresh, Phuture Traxx + Johannes Heil Bonus remix of “Angry Chords”) // PRAXXIZ [BUY VINYL] [BUY DIGITAL]
Superstrobe – The Future (Incl. remixes by Mijk van Dijk, Sebastian Fleischer) // soon on Blufin
Superstrobe – Timeless (Incl. remixes by Daniel Boon, Megabrytes) // soon

Superstrobe – Trip to Berlin // IU2U Records [BUY Digital]
Superstrobe & Phuture Traxx – Free and independent // IAMT [BUY Digital]
Superstrobe – Bang! EP // PRAXXIZ [BUY Digital!]
Superstrobe – Bambule EP // PRAXXIZ [BUY Vinyl!]

Superstrobe – Bambule EP // PRAXXIZ [BUY Digital!]
Superstrobe – Paradox EP // PRAXXIZ [BUY Digital & Vinyl!]
Superstrobe – Max. Volume // Kingdom Kome Cuts [BUY Digital!]
Superstrobe & Djoker – Collab // Treibjagt Rec. [BUY Digital!]

Superstrobe Studio Album “REBOOT” // PRAXXIZ [BUY Digital & Vinyl!]
Superstrobe – Strip down (incl. Da Fresh remix!) // PRAXXIZ [BUY Digital & Vinyl]

Lose control // Electrogravity 011
Thought EP // Suicide Robot SR048
I Like this // Electrogravity 008
Illusion // EXPmental Records
Spieluhr // Electrogravity

Lost // Beat ‘em up 007
Crazy // EXP 050
Lights EP // EXX 022
Space EP // EXX 020
Push EP // EXX 018
Changes // Suicide Robot 019

Bits EP // EXX 013
Roots EP // Suicide Robot 016
Evolution EP // EXX 008

Hot like this EP // Semantica 012
Experience EP // EXX 006
Our time EP // EXX 003
Superstrobe EP // Suicide robot 006


Roman Beise – Niemand hat die Absicht // 1103 Musik [BUY Digital]
Sebastian Fleischer – Playgrounds // IU2U002 [BUY Digital]
DJ Von – Break the rules // [BUY Digital]
Mono Voice – Delusional Activity // soon on Delude
Megabrytes – Bass in your face // soon…
Rummy Sharma – Tight and Deep // soon…
Dr. Motte – Patrik // soon…

Phuture Traxx – Uluwatu // [BUY Digital]
Alex Dior – Balearic Summer // [BUY Vinyl]

Feydh Rotan – Lichtmeister // [BUY Digital]
Der Klang der Familie – Superstrobe Edit [FREE DOWNLOAD!]
Soapy – Electronic Drugs // [BUY Digital]
Stereotyp Monoton – Pitahaya // [BUY Digital]
Hiskia – Lunaris // [BUY Digital]

Dr. Motte – Puttin on the green hat // [BUY Digital]
Citizen Kain – Zombie // Free download!
Jakob Jung – Spacecraft 2000 // Electrogravity [BUY Digital]
FormatB – Socks and sandals // Free download!
Kris Meja – Bis Dann Am’damm // Benefit rec. [BUY Digital]
Catmer – Stopped // Dmart 001 [BUY Digital]

Cheapset – Sorry Nathan // Electrogravity
Christian Soto – Moonlight
Feydh Rotan – Arana // Electrogravity
Promonova – Feeling better // HR098
Fractal System – If i die // Plasma.Digital131

Pierre Deutschmann – Gound n Pound // DubRecords09
Max Freegrant – Tel aviv adventure // MTR043
Melleefresh & Keoki – Sleazee // Play Digital 5085
Fabian Jakopetz – Lilly // AXT1052
DJ Jordan & Marc van Linden – The kids… // Ostfunk020
Fractal System – Scary song // EXX023
Max Freegrant – Samba in New Delhi // HR061
Aaren san – Black hole invaders // Aelaektropopp011
Alex Mind – Binary // Plasmapool

Miles Dyson – Outro // Plasma015R
MassTek – Black swan // KarateMusikDigital
Pedro Sanchez – Vote for me // Plasma.Digital 061
Björn Stolpmann – Virtue // Kol Mojito 008
Seduction(s) – Torture // TWELVE013
Electrixx – Control freak // KarateMusik036
Bombermen – Alcatrax // Twelve09
Mark Maitland & Rob Etherson – Equinox // Twelve012
Microdizko – 8 a.m. // EXX007
Defunct – Welcome back! // Destination?018
DJ Jordan – Perfect wave // Ostfunk011

Calvertron vs Banga – Smash it // Destination?009
Sharooz – Get off // Plasmapool012
Brothers Incognito – Hot and sexy // Kosmetik11
Lazy Rich – Disco rocking // Plasma.digital
Jhonny K – Insane // Twelve10
Electrixx – My rulez // EXX records005
Signal drivers – Dizzy Lizzy // Destination?003
Phil Benjamin – In town // Twelve08

*Tracks within this time period were produced in cooperation with or by Holger Jenning